Best catering tips for your next event

Best catering tips for your next event

Have you been entrusted with the responsibility of planning the upcoming corporate event by your Company? Would you like to make it memorable for your coworkers and ensure them good food with impeccable services? The following catering tips will indeed help you immensely.

One should carefully keep in mind the eight golden catering tips for events that will make your corporate event a grand success.

Count Heads

Before you go ahead, the tentative head count of people who would participate in the event should be prepared. It helps the caterer and event planner to offer you right menu options. Usually, for buffet arrangements, most venues also need minimum count around 35-40 guests. You should also post them with updates regarding any change that comes up in the count.

It is advisable to convey the higher side of the probable head count of the possible range to the caterer so that there is no hassle if the participants increase at the last minute. However, most venues propose to substitute menu items if the number of attendees exceed significantly.

Budget Is Important

This part is very important and depends upon the food choices as well as expectations of the attendees and executives. Would they be expecting steak and lobster when you have the budget for hamburgers? Review this closely with management and highlight the desired menu options to your caterer. Event planners have the ability to help you plan the budget that includes expenses for flowers, linens etc.

Focus On Theme

The theme for the corporate event has to be kept in mind to make appropriate planning. Buffet spread is fine if the event is to surprise the employees for a job well done by them. However, if the event is for appreciating the sales tem for their exemplary performance during the fiscal year, buffet dinner would not be the best idea. Plan you event in the right context!

Schedule Your Event

Generally, corporate events have multiple speakers and some have numerous presentations. It is important to plan the food services which blend well with schedule of the day’s event. Allow the caterer and the event planner adequate preparation and cooking time.

Wait Staff Service Or Buffet Spread

While both are acceptable in corporate circles, the call should depend upon the schedule of your event. If you wish the attendees to focus more on the speakers and save time, full wait service helps you to keep the participants longer in their chairs! On the other hand, buffet helps the participants to mingle and interact with each other.

Menu Tips For Catering

Generally corporate event catering is guided by the following menu variants::

  • Breakfast functions on week days need to include tea, coffee, fruit juices alongside a main entrée and two sides. Pastries are also served.
  • Lunch has to be arranged with 5-ounce entrée per guest, 2-3 side dishes as well as options for 2-3 appetizers
  • Dinners generally begin with choice of 4-5 appetizers, soups and salads. A 7-ounce main entrée and 2 or 3 side dishes. Serving desserts to guests will be in order as well.
  • Arrangement for Cocktail functions (without dinner) go well with 10-15 appetizer servings per person

Vegan And Gluten Free Options

When you plan corporate event catering, it is important to keep the variety of foods on the menu. Some people would only like vegetarian food and the food menu plan should ensure that every one has satisfactory options. Advise your caterer or event planner about this in advance. Some people are on gluten free diet, make sure that they inform about this restriction while they RSVP and convey this to the caterer in advance so that suitable preparations are made in time.

Boxed Lunches are Outdated

Gone are the days when boxed lunches were common in corporate events. It is observed that clients and participants in any corporate event are impressed by delicious food spread and are more likely to remember the event as well its theme!

We hope that these catering tips for events prove helpful for you.

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