Best wedding vows that you’ll surely enjoy

Best wedding vows that you’ll surely enjoy

Bride to Groom:

I express my unwavering love to you since you are truly charming and have a golden heart. I take personal wedding vow that I will always endeavor to be worthy companion and soul mate whom you will find standing by your side: on good times or trying times, in rain or shine. It is my privilege to be your wife and nothing else makes me happier than just being in your company. You are courageous and dauntless; and I know that you will be my shield to protect me safe for rest of my life. While taking the marriage vows, I reiterate my fullest love and faith in your decisions for me. It will be dutiful on my part while taking these wedding vows to admit that I will always value our love above anything or anyone else. I feel so lucky to have found you in my life and would always be thankful to the Almighty for sending you in my life.


Groom to Bride:

Dearest Love, I have said you innumerable times in the past that “I love you” but on this special occasion when I am taking real wedding vows, I would like these three words to resonate in your ears for the rest of our lives. I welcome you to my life and assure you of fullest support and utmost attention to all your needs. While taking these solemn wedding vows, I undertake to take care of your dreams, aspiration, and desires and would prove to be worthy companion on who you can always count.  I assure you that you are the best thing that has happened to me and I would always keep it safe, deep in my heart. My sincerest and best wedding vow shall be to stand beside you firmly and faithfully, forever, irrespective of the circumstances around us.

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