Cash as Wedding Gift! But How Much?

Cash as Wedding Gift! But How Much?

Gifting cash instead of material gifts is an old tradition which holds deep roots in the sub-continent but now has spread across the globe. It is a good option when you’re not sure of a suitable gift as it gives your loved ones the freedom to purchase whatever they like. The determination of the wedding gift amount in cash is the real question.

To what extent is it right to give money?

There’s nothing wrong with gifting cash and this tradition carries some advantages as well as it gives freedom. You don’t need to think too much about the type of the gift and the receiver has can use the money freely whereas a gift will remain on shelves or inside the cupboards.
Weeding requires expenses and the money you gift would certainly minimize the burden on the one bearing the wedding expenses. Secondly, most of the couple wedding each other have been living together and in most of the cases, they already possess what they require to live together in a house. You don’t have to go through a confusing phase of gift selection and considering the likes and dislikes of the couple getting married. And gifting cash is also helpful in today’s per-head payment followed by most of the event managers and hotels. So contributing cash definitely becomes a top choice to support the wedding couple.

How much to give for a wedding?

Once you make your mind to gift cash the vital stage comes where you need determine how much money to give for a wedding. You need to consider your relationship, closeness, and also history of gift exchange between you and the one getting married.
There’s no upper limit but you need not to go below $50. This is the minimum keeping in mind the per-head cost of a wedding event. If you’re looking for a suitable range, it depends on your relationship. Definitely, for siblings, it is may reach above $500. For a friend, second cousin etc. the suitable range should be from $100 to $200 depending on your budget. As per the Tendr report of 2017, $160 is the average value of cash as a wedding gift.

Attending Solo or Couple!

If you’re attending solo a suitable cash gift values between $50 and $75. It depends on your relationship with the couple. If you’re a common friend then the amount will go higher. Even when attending solo, the intensity and duration of the relationship are a couple of prime factors to determine how much to give for a wedding gift.
Attending the wedding with your life partner pushes the bar higher and you must look at somewhere around $150 to $250. Once again, the upper and lower limits are in accordance with the intensity of your relationship.

Final Thought!
You’re the only person who knows the value of your relationship and wants to justify it one way or the other. Statistics involve various factors and thousands of cases but when talking individually, you’re the only one to determine the precise value of the cash as a wedding gift. The statistics just serve rough estimations.

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