Wedding is all about fun and it feels good when something unique serves the icing on the cake. The wedding shoe game is becoming increasingly popular and it serves at its best when you have an awesome question-list. This post attempts at creating an impressive list of wedding shoe game questions but before that, it is important to know the rules so let’s first quickly go through the basics of the game.

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game?

It begins with deciding on the question list. The ideal approach is to request your bridesmaids to think of the questions to be asked later because the secrecy will secure the element of the surprise for the couple. You can plan the shoe game for either the reception, co-ed shower, engagement are right after the dinner, whenever it pleases you.

Hold one of your shoes in one hand and one of your partner’s shoe in the other hand. The partner does the same as well. Sit next to each other, ready to answer the questions from the audience. If you think that you are the right fit to answer, you raise the hand that holds your shoe. If you think that your partner is the suitable option to answer the question then you raise the hand that holds your partner’s shoe. Practically, it turns out to be a fun-filled exercise making it impossible for everyone to stop laughing.

Let’s try some tricky questions to make things even funnier during the game. Don’t forget to notice that each of these question seems fairly easy but the trick is that it is almost impossible to instantly decide the best fit to answer the question.

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Q1. Who was the first to say the Three Magic Words?

Q2. Who tossed the idea of playing the wedding shoe game?

Q3. Who’s been replacing the paper roll in the toilet?

Q4. Who know the art of romance better?

Q5. Who cooks better?

Q6. Who selects where to dine?

Q7. Who was first to make the move?

Q8. Who always runs late?

Q9. Who better keeps a secret?

Q10. Who can’t spend wisely?

Q11. Who dances better?

Q12. Who has better dressing sense?

Q13. Who is a better organizer?

Q14. Who has more shoe pairs?

Q15. Who has more dresses?

Q16. Who is the more frequent phone caller?

Q17. Who is more consistent FB user?

Q18. Who uses Instagram more often?

Q19. Who has to prepare the dinner more often?

Q20. Who’ll shop for the grocery?

Q21. Who’ll wash the clothes more often?

Q22. Who’ll have to arrange for the traffic ticket?

Q23. Who’ll decide the place for honeymoon?

Q24. Who shouts louder?

Q25. Who knows kissing better?

Q26. Who’ll be making the morning coffee?

Q27. Who often forgets things after keeping?

Q28. Who’s a better sportsperson?

Q29. Who’s spends more time in front of the TV screen?

Q30. Who’ll take on the spider killing challenge?

Q31. Who can’t wait for the kid?

Q32. Who creates more mess?

Q33. Who is better at caring for friends and family?

Q34. Who’ll be driving on the long drive?

Q35. Who’ll forget the anniversary?

Q36. Who’ll be paying for the bills?

Q37. Who’ll wash the car?

Q38. Who’ll be preparing the bed?

Q39. Who’ll be the first to apologize?

Q40. Who squeezes the past from the mid-tube?

Q41. Who is more active?

Q42. Who’ll be often visited by friends?

Q43. Who’ll fall first while drinking?

Q44. Who hugs more tightly?

Q45. Who has the better sense of gift selection?

Q46. Who’ll use more warm water?

Q47. Who’ll press the clothes?

Q48. Who’ll respond to the doorbell?

Q49. Who’ll attend the landline call?

Q50. Who’ll first threaten to leave forever?

You may replace a few wedding shoe game questions with a better idea in case if a question doesn’t fit your cultural norms. Traditionally, the shoe game involves holding a shoe in each hand but depending on your culture, you may replace the shoe but it’ll fade the color and feel of occasion.

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