Top 10 Funny Wedding Vows for Him & Her

Top 10 Funny Wedding Vows for Him & Her

Wedding is arguably the most precious day of your lives and it is important to keep the humorous spirts alive throughout the event. Today we bring top 10 funny wedding wows to lift the fun factor and tickle the laughing instinct of each and every attendant at the ceremony.

There is no better choice to kick-start with the love quotes.  Let’s begin with the romantic funny wedding vows for her.

  1. “I hereby commit myself to provide you with the comfort of my arms, every time you Federer loses a set, and share a drink whenever he wins a grand slam.

  1. “I realize your love for the heels so I promise to get myself 6”-thick sole.”


Now follow a couple of funny wedding vows for him.


  1. “Through thick and thin, I’ll never let you down, no matter how much you’d indulge a night ago. I’ll be a wise-spender but this commitment doesn’t apply to the things I would love to have anyway”.


  1. “I believe in equal rights so I promise to love you as much as I love my cute kitty, sorry Mingly! I hope you’d not mind. From now on, I’ll tidy up indoors before your parents step in. I’ll cuddle you the way I cuddle Mingly and will treat you with as much love as I could take away from Mingly”.


Following are a couple of funny wedding vows for those with a bit of poetic sense.

  1. “I………….., take you……………, abiding the laws, as my legitimate wife

To enjoy the days, both cold and warm,

To shower my love upon you,

No matter how bad you cook.


I’ll love through thick and through thin,

And remind you of my love every night,

Till the day I’m destined to live,

As long as you tolerate my soccer.


I promise to hug you tight,

Even when we count our fifties and beyond.”


  1. Here comes one of my favorite funny wedding vows for her.

“Do you accept ………….. as your hubby,

To hold your hands through rain and sunshine,

And through ease and the tough,

In prosperity and in hardship,

To shower each of my love-drops before falling asleep?”

  1. “I,………… have no choice but you…………., as my wife. I’ll do my best to stand by my promises, no matter how tough it is for me to remember dropping down the toilet seat, and flushing the toilet paper once used thoroughly. I expect consistent from you with as much intensity as of mine”.

      8. “I, ………….can’t wait to take you …………., to be my only legitimate wife. I’ll never doubt to spending, even if my credit card drops in negative. We’ll both stand side by side, holding hands, to face the consequences.” 

  1. “I,…………………… think that you,……………..are going to be my only wife, as far as I can remember. I promise that you’ll remain my only wife without having to share my love with another girl, legitimate or malicious. I’ll stand by you through the toughest of circumstances, and hopefully through the best of days”.

Following is perhaps the best, trickiest and most laugh-triggering of all the funny wedding vows for him.

  1. “I commit myself to do what none of us likes to do if I realize that you hate doing it more than I do”.

Wedding doesn’t mean to stay confused, wondering what next, worrying about the preparations, praying for everything to go as planned and looking tense rather than being fresh, happy and enthusiastic. To relieve pressure and worries, the inclusion of some funny routines illuminates the whole feeling of the event.


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