Watters Wedding Dress Designer, The Mark of Excellence

Watters Wedding Dress Designer, The Mark of Excellence

Since she moved from Thailand to the U.S at the age of just seven, Vatana Watters began exploring the perfect land of opportunities. Back in 1986, holding a degree from California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Watters decided to settle in Dallas. She began selling bridal dresses to the local salons, moving one shop to the next, carrying dresses in her car. It was the collaboration with the retailer Neiman Marcus, which helped Watters climb up the success ladder.

Talking to The Dallas News Watters recalled her early days when she convinced Neiman to have a look at her designs and favor with some feedback, and it ultimately paid back.

During the early days, Watters bridal prices were comparatively lower and did well to set footings in the industry.

In 1999, Watters launched the Wtoo line followed by Watters Brides in 2002. Watters tried her luck by launching gowns to extend the choice for the brides. From $500 to below $1000, Watters bridal price range attracted hundreds.

Watters wedding dresses prices now range from $500 to over $4k. The wide range of Watters wedding dresses price suggests that there is something for everyone.

According to a Watters’ client, the concept is simple and the design reflects class. Yes! Simple but it doesn’t compromise on the details. The designs are catchy enough to attract the sight of the onlookers. Watters wedding dress price doesn’t touch the skies. The quality justifies the price tag. Both, Wtoo and Watters Brides are doing well to compete, Angel Sanchez, Monique Lhuillier and Di Santo, and offer a better choice, keeping the prices in mind. On a shoe tight budget, Watters Brides is what you should be opting for.  Try once, I bet you, you’re going to be the next Watters fan.

Watters bride
Watters bride


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