Wedding Guests Makeup Ideas – Simple and Succinct

Wedding Guests Makeup Ideas – Simple and Succinct

When you get invitation to attend your friend’s wedding, excitement is natural. It is natural for you to buy a new trendy dress for the occasion and other accessories like matching shoes, hand bag etc to turn up for the event. The make up that you should wear is indeed nagging your mind. Wedding guest makeup ideas are numerous.Would smokey eyes and red lips go well or you should go without it? You would not like to wear makeup that is so overt that some may think that you are competing with the bride. After all, she ought to remain the center of attraction on her big day. We hereby give you some good ideas on makeup for wedding guests.

Concentrate around your eyes

A nicely touched eye liner can transform your looks significantly but you do not wish to steal the show from the bride. In our advice for wedding guest makeup, we recommend that you can apply bold black gel eyeliner along the upper lash line. Bobby Brown gel liner is just perfect for the right effect. For your lips, our recommendation shall be for using subtle shade of pink. The blush nude shade from Tom Ford works like a magic. Do not forget to apply skin luminizer for radiance in skin.

Spruce your lips

One of the important things to note when you make lips as focal point of your makeup is that rest of your face should have minimum makeup. Just look for natural glowing skin and use of tinted moisturizer like Clinique’s BB Cream which acts like light foundation is adequate to make you look glamorous. You can dab shimmery champagne eye shadow to your upper lash line and look fabulous with your bright lips. Try fuschia shade by Yves Saint Laurent and mingle well.

Subtle Natural Makeup

One of the safest ideas for make up for wedding guest which has been adopted successfully by most friends on the wedding of their friend is to wear subtle natural makeup. Use the rosy blush from Dior to color the cheeks with your matching skin color. Touching your upper lash line with metallic eye shadow and applying rosy lipstick will make you look sophisticated for the occasion.


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