Wedding photo booth? How to get it right

Wedding photo booth? How to get it right


One of the fashionable trends seen recently is setting up wedding photo booths for the entertainment of guests at wedding venues. When the photo booth is set up with careful planning, it becomes the highlight of the day otherwise it would be disappointing and wasteful expense.

The experience of setting up photo booth for wedding at numerous venues till date gives us the knowledge to share the tips which can make this a super success among the guests.

Some of interesting tips for wedding photo booth:

  1. Go for an open booth

The closed photo booths are good for passport photos but here the key element is fun. Open booths encourage more people to come in and larger groups can also be accommodated in one shot. It is conveniently set up at vantage point and the lighting is also better for the pictures.

  1. Lead by example

The greater involvement of the bride and groom with wedding photo booth ensures higher participation! Snaps with wedding couples are always prized moments frozen on paper and wedding photo booth is handy place to create many such golden moments with all your guests!

  1. Location is important

It is our experience that any place near the dance floor serves to be the preferred place for setting the wedding photobooth. Ensure that guests can easily get in and out of the booth.

  1. Keep the booth well lighted

It is customary for all the guests to turn for wedding event in their best looks and appearance. The photo booth should be set in a way that it takes out the best pics. You should check the previous albums of the booth professionals to ascertain their expertise. Also choose the agency that does retouching the pics after the event.

  1. Creative backdrops enhance the mood

The creatively created backdrop for the snaps will attract more people to be photographed. Custom prints or some attractive artistic feature of the venue will augur well for the backdrop. Some floral decoration also is preferred.

  1. Props are great draw

You can use all your creativity to select the right props at the wedding photo booth. While you have to carefully capture all the important moments as wedding photographer; at photo booth you can use props to shun the seriousness and add element of fun. Chalk board signs or custom speech bubbles are considered great way to engage guests in the theme!

  1. Attendant at the booth helps

Putting up an attendant at the wedding photo booth encourages people to drop in for getting photographed. The operation at the booth should be easy for all but an attendant around is always handy for the guests.

  1. Customize the design prints

It is wiser to negotiate beforehand with the company to allow you to choose the designs of your choice for the photo prints. This will save you extra cost.

  1. Add one guest book for comments

The guest book at the photo booth for wedding is recommended so that the friends and family members stick their messages with photographs. A  delightful way to keep the memories fresh for future!

  1. Gallery option is great add on.

If you can arrange that all the guests photographed at booth are appearing on television or screen somewhere at venue, this will give other guests some entertaining moments. It also serves as chatting topic among the guests.


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